3 benefits of a ready-to-install sun hood

Poly-Tek Australia is always looking for ways to enhance your property and our sun hoods are a great addition to any home or business. Discover more about 3 Benefits of a Ready-To-Install Sun Hood below.

A Poly-Tek sun hood is a much more aesthetically pleasing and upmarket alternative to a fabric hood. As they are pre-rendered they fit in with the look of your property; perfectly designed to allow water to run straight off them, and they are available in a range of sizes and will last much longer than their fabric counterparts.

What are 3 benefits to installing a sun hood in your Brisbane or Australia-wide home or business?

Keeping cool

As the temperatures soar in Brisbane and Australia-wide throughout the summer we are always looking at ways to keep our homes and businesses cooler. With a sun hood on your window you can significantly reduce the sun that enters your home, providing some much-needed shade. The less sun that enters your property, the less air conditioning you will need to use to cool your home down.

Looks great

Adding sun hoods to your windows can enhance the look of your Brisbane home or business. When you want to modernise your property or add some value a sun hood is an easy and effective way to do so. A sun hood not only looks good, it’s also functional.

Prolong the life of your furniture

UV rays are harmful to humans, but they can also cause sun damage to your furniture, flooring and window coverings. A sun hood can take the brunt of the UV rays and keep your furniture looking better for longer.

Sun hoods, for better living

No matter where you are in Australia sun hoods are a great investment for any home or property. Talk to the team at Poly-Tek Australia and discuss with us the reasons to install sun hoods into your home. Based in Brisbane, but servicing Australia-wide, Poly-Tek are ready and waiting to assist you just call 07 3323 3666

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