Retaining Walls

To seamlessly blend in with your fence type.

Retaining Walls

To seamlessly blend in with your fence type.

Create Functional and Attractive Outdoor Areas Around Your Home and property boundary.

Made from durable lightweight panels of expanded Polystyrene (EPS) sandwiched between cementitious boards, our retaining wall panels are the perfect choice for a modern retaining wall solution.

They can be used for garden beds, around pool or patio areas, to create a raised garden bed or along a fence line.
Our retaining walls can be texture coated with a waterproof membrane which adds an extra peace of mind should the panels need to be buried or have exposure to soil and moisture.
If you are a landscapers or builder, we can manufacture and supply retaining walls ready for you to install for your clients. Our retaining walls are suitable up to a height of one metre.

RenderSmart Retaining Panels - Timber Look Fencing
RenderSmart Retaining Panels
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Suitable for a height of up to 1 metre
  • Functional and attractive
  • Suitable for any size or style of home
  • Can be texture coated for soil and moisture protection
  • Do not crack in soil that reacts to changing moisture content
What Our Clients Say

Troy “MyNickname”
Troy “MyNickname”
I usually cringe when I comes to purchasing construction products and dealing with tradesman. But the team and products from Poly-Tek have blown my expectations out of the water. Great customer service and fantastic products, highly recommended :)
Bu rt
Bu rt
Great products and customer service from Neil and the team here, have used couple times already and will continue to do so.
Jay Lesquillier
Jay Lesquillier
Had a rendered fence supplied and installed a few years ago. Very happy with it. Today I needed a couple of replaced parts and Natasha was very helpful to solve for me. Appreciate the great after sales service.
Mark S
Mark S
Great product!
Amanda Jansen
Amanda Jansen
Poly-Tek's excellent customer service and extensive product knowledge helped me from start (first phone call) to finish. It was a very pleasant & rewarding experience for me. I have already started referring Poly-Tek to others people who have not dealt with this great business yet. I highly recommend this company and their innovative building products!!

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Residential Retaining Wall FAQ’s

Learn more about Residential Retaining Walls and find out what other people are asking about Poly-Tek Retaining Walls.

What are Residential Retaining Walls?

Residential Retaining Walls are structures built to contain soil and rock on slopes and prevent erosion and landslides. They also serve as a decorative addition to landscaping and can be made from various materials such as concrete, wood, or polymers.

What are Poly-Tek Retaining Walls made of?

Poly-Tek Retaining Walls are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) which are tough and durable plastic materials.

Are Poly-Tek Retaining Walls environmentally friendly?

Yes, Poly-Tek Retaining Walls are environmentally friendly as they are made of recyclable materials and do not use any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process.

How long does a Poly-Tek Retaining Wall last?

A Poly-Tek Retaining Wall can last up to 25 years or more with proper maintenance and care.

Can Poly-Tek Retaining Walls withstand heavy loads?

Yes, Poly-Tek Retaining Walls are designed to withstand heavy loads and maintain their strength even in extreme weather conditions.

Can Poly-Tek Retaining Walls be painted or stained?

Yes, Poly-Tek Retaining Walls can be painted or stained to match the color of your home or landscaping.

Are Poly-Tek Retaining Walls easy to install?

Yes, Poly-Tek Retaining Walls are designed for ease of installation and can be installed by a DIYer or professional landscaper. They are lightweight, flexible and interlock easily, making them a great choice for retaining wall projects.