Fire Rated Fencing

For Protection Of Property and Life in all fire risk areas

Fire Rated Fencing

For Protection Of Property and Life in all fire risk areas

Fire-rated fencing designed and manufactured to the highest standard for commercial, industrial, and residential use.

Just like South East QLD, many large cities and regional towns in Australia are developed in and around bush fire prone areas. This makes fire rated fencing a must have for the safety and protection of property and life when residing in or building in these areas.
Poly-Tek Australia are specialists in the supply of two Fire Fence types as well as the manufacture of other quality fence styles for use in residential & commercial fence applications, Retaining Walls, Estate Fencing and Noise Barriers.


Our fire rated fencing products include:

Flametek Fire Rated Fencing - Construction Supplies
  • Aesthetically appealing with a number of finish options available
  • High impact-resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Dimensionally stable and does not warp
  • Moisture mould and termite resistant
FlameWave Fire Rated Fencing - Brisbane, Gold Coast
  • Prefinished in Woodland Grey
  • Modern ‘wave’ profile
  • Acoustic at 15 kgs m2
  • Non-Combustible
  • Durable but won’t break the bank
What Our Clients Say

Troy “MyNickname”
Troy “MyNickname”
I usually cringe when I comes to purchasing construction products and dealing with tradesman. But the team and products from Poly-Tek have blown my expectations out of the water. Great customer service and fantastic products, highly recommended :)
Bu rt
Bu rt
Great products and customer service from Neil and the team here, have used couple times already and will continue to do so.
Jay Lesquillier
Jay Lesquillier
Had a rendered fence supplied and installed a few years ago. Very happy with it. Today I needed a couple of replaced parts and Natasha was very helpful to solve for me. Appreciate the great after sales service.
Mark S
Mark S
Great product!
Amanda Jansen
Amanda Jansen
Poly-Tek's excellent customer service and extensive product knowledge helped me from start (first phone call) to finish. It was a very pleasant & rewarding experience for me. I have already started referring Poly-Tek to others people who have not dealt with this great business yet. I highly recommend this company and their innovative building products!!

Cost-effective Australian
Building Products

Our pre-rendered building products and modular acoustic fencing for residential and commercial areas can help you save on costs and complete projects faster.

Residential Fire Rated Fencing FAQ’s

Learn more about Residential Fire Rated Fencing and find out what other people are asking about Poly-Tek Fire Rated Fencing.

What is Residential Fire Rated Fencing?
Residential Fire Rated Fencing is a type of fencing that is designed to provide a fire-resistant barrier for homes and other residential properties. It is made from materials that are tested and certified to meet fire resistance standards.
What are Residential Fire Rated Fences made of?
Residential Fire Rated Fences can be made of various materials including metal, concrete, or polymers such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP).
Are Residential Fire Rated Fences environmentally friendly?
Yes, some Residential Fire Rated Fences made of polymers such as HDPE or PP are environmentally friendly as they are made of recyclable materials and do not use any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process.
How long does a Residential Fire Rated Fence last?
A Residential Fire Rated Fence can last up to 25 years or more with proper maintenance and care.
Can Residential Fire Rated Fences withstand high temperatures?
Yes, Residential Fire Rated Fences are designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain their strength even in the event of a fire.
How does a Residential Fire Rated Fence provide fire protection?
A Residential Fire Rated Fence provides fire protection by slowing the spread of flames and reducing the amount of heat that is transferred from one side of the fence to the other.
Can Residential Fire Rated Fences be used for privacy or security purposes?
Yes, Residential Fire Rated Fences can be used for privacy or security purposes in addition to providing fire protection. They can be designed to include various features such as locks or barbed wire to enhance security.