Rendered Fencing

Modern and Stylish Fencing Solutions for Residential Properties

Rendered Fencing

Modern and Stylish Fencing Solutions for Residential Properties

Affordable and Easy-to-Install Fencing to create the appearance of modern block wall Fence but for a fraction of the price

Rendered fencing is an economical way to add privacy to a property and give it a contemporary look. Rendered fencing, over cheap fence alternatives such as timber paling and Colorbond fences, is becoming a popular choice in both the residential and commercial market. The fact you can achieve the look of an expensive block fence without the price tag is one of the reasons for this. Rendered fencing is versatile and can be used for solid fencing, in combination with inserts & slats, on top of retaining walls or as a retaining wall up to 1m.

Whilst there are other modular wall fence types available, no other manufacturer has the ability to apply a ‘render style’ coating ‘in factory’ which gives Poly-Tek’s rendered fence range a distinct edge.

Not only does it provide added durability and waterproofing to the outer skin material but ensures a uniform and attractive render finish. There is no need for the expense of onsite rendering and although our competitor’s fences can be painted on site with a textured paint this quite often looks patchy and cheap.

RenderSmart Fence Systems Australia - Lightweight Fence
RenderSmart Fence Systems
  • Easy to install and cost effective
  • Locally manufactured to highest quality standards
  • Modern aesthetics for a stylish look
  • Cost effective fencing solution
  • Choose finish to suit budget & project requirements
  • Acoustic properties for noise reduction
What Our Clients Say

Troy “MyNickname”
Troy “MyNickname”
I usually cringe when I comes to purchasing construction products and dealing with tradesman. But the team and products from Poly-Tek have blown my expectations out of the water. Great customer service and fantastic products, highly recommended :)
Bu rt
Bu rt
Great products and customer service from Neil and the team here, have used couple times already and will continue to do so.
Jay Lesquillier
Jay Lesquillier
Had a rendered fence supplied and installed a few years ago. Very happy with it. Today I needed a couple of replaced parts and Natasha was very helpful to solve for me. Appreciate the great after sales service.
Mark S
Mark S
Great product!
Amanda Jansen
Amanda Jansen
Poly-Tek's excellent customer service and extensive product knowledge helped me from start (first phone call) to finish. It was a very pleasant & rewarding experience for me. I have already started referring Poly-Tek to others people who have not dealt with this great business yet. I highly recommend this company and their innovative building products!!

Cost-effective Australian
Building Products

Our pre-rendered building products and modular acoustic fencing for residential and commercial areas can help you save on costs and complete projects faster.

Residential Rendered Fencing FAQ’s

Learn more about Residential Rendered Fencing and find out what other people are asking about Poly-Tek Rendered Fencing.

What is Rendered Fencing?

Rendered Fencing is a type of fencing that is finished with a smooth surface that resembles the texture of a rendered wall. It is a popular choice for homeowners who want a modern and stylish look for their outdoor spaces.

What are RenderSmart Fence Systems by Poly-Tek?

RenderSmart Fence Systems by Poly-Tek are a type of rendered fencing that are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) which are tough and durable plastic materials.

Are RenderSmart Fence Systems environmentally friendly?
Yes, RenderSmart Fence Systems are environmentally friendly as they are made of recyclable materials and do not use any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process.
How long does a RenderSmart Fence last?
A RenderSmart Fence can last up to 25 years or more with proper maintenance and care.
Can RenderSmart Fences withstand heavy loads?
Yes, RenderSmart Fences are designed to withstand heavy loads and maintain their strength even in extreme weather conditions.
Can RenderSmart Fences be painted or stained?
Yes, RenderSmart Fences can be painted or stained to match the color of your home or landscaping.
Are RenderSmart Fences easy to install?

Yes, RenderSmart Fences are designed for ease of installation and can be installed by a DIYer or professional landscaper. They are lightweight, flexible and interlock easily, making them a great choice for fencing projects.