Are you dealing with slippery surfaces in your workplace? Tired of worrying about employees slipping and falling on wet or greasy surfaces? Poly-Tek non-slip coatings are the perfect solution to keep your workplace safe and efficient.

Non-slip coatings provide a durable, high-traction surface that’s slip-resistant and easy to clean. Poly-Tek non-slip coatings are designed to withstand high foot traffic, extreme temperatures, and harsh chemicals, making them an ideal choice for industrial and commercial use.

Poly-Tek non-slip coatings are available in a variety of colors and textures, making it easy to customize the coating to fit your specific needs. The coatings are designed to last for years, and are resistant to fading and staining.

Poly-Tek non-slip coatings are easy-to-apply and can be applied to concrete, wood, metal, and other surfaces. They’re also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re guaranteed to provide superior slip-resistance and to increase the safety of your workplace.

No matter what type of surface you need to protect, Poly-Tek non-slip coatings are the perfect solution. With superior slip-resistance and easy-to-apply coatings, you can keep your workplace safe and efficient. Invest in Poly-Tek non-slip coatings and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your workplace is safe.

Benefits Of Using Non-Slip Coatings, Poly-Tek

1. Non-slip coatings from Poly-Tek provide superior safety and protection for any indoor or outdoor surface.

2. Our non-slip coatings offer a reliable and durable grip in any weather condition or environment, ensuring your surfaces are safe and secure.

3. Our non-slip coatings are designed to be easy to apply, with a quick-drying formula that means your surfaces are ready to use in no time.

4. Our non-slip coatings are highly resistant to chemicals and solvents, making them ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

5. Our non-slip coatings are available in a wide range of colors and shades, allowing you to customize your surfaces to match any décor.

6. Our non-slip coatings are highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring your surfaces are protected for years to come.

7. Our non-slip coatings are easy to maintain and clean, saving you time and energy.

8. Our non-slip coatings are an affordable and cost-effective solution, providing you with lasting value for money.

9. Our non-slip coatings are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals or VOCs.

10. Our non-slip coatings are backed by a reliable warranty, giving you peace of mind that your surfaces are protected.


What Our Clients Say

Troy “MyNickname”
Troy “MyNickname”
I usually cringe when I comes to purchasing construction products and dealing with tradesman. But the team and products from Poly-Tek have blown my expectations out of the water. Great customer service and fantastic products, highly recommended :)
Bu rt
Bu rt
Great products and customer service from Neil and the team here, have used couple times already and will continue to do so.
Jay Lesquillier
Jay Lesquillier
Had a rendered fence supplied and installed a few years ago. Very happy with it. Today I needed a couple of replaced parts and Natasha was very helpful to solve for me. Appreciate the great after sales service.
Mark S
Mark S
Great product!
Amanda Jansen
Amanda Jansen
Poly-Tek's excellent customer service and extensive product knowledge helped me from start (first phone call) to finish. It was a very pleasant & rewarding experience for me. I have already started referring Poly-Tek to others people who have not dealt with this great business yet. I highly recommend this company and their innovative building products!!