Boundary walls, where your responsibility starts and ends

The boundary wall generally runs right down the boundary of yours and your neighbour’s property, unless there is an obstruction that needs to be considered and then yourself and your neighbour have to negotiate a way around it.

Whilst a boundary wall is on your property, as it backs onto your neighbour’s property you cannot do anything without going through the right channels. The boundary fence debate is a common one in Brisbane and Australia-wide.

When it comes to your boundary wall, where does your responsibility start and end?

  • A boundary wall or fence is common property of both neighbours if it runs along the boundary line, however if it is built on one neighbours’ property, the fence or boundary wall belongs to the person’s whose land it sits on.
  • Since a fence or boundary wall is a joint asset, it should be equally funded by both parties, however if one neighbour wants more work down than is necessary for a boundary wall that party pays the additional costs.
  • Should one party damage the fence, it is their responsibility to restore the fence.
  • Any work that is carried out on the boundary wall must be discussed with your neighbour.
  • If the integrity of the boundary wall is at risk, both neighbours are liable for the damage if it was not caused by one person.
  • When it comes to a boundary wall, both neighbours are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and integrity of the wall. It is always recommended to keep the lines of communication open with your neighbours where possible, but should your neighbour not comply you can issue a notice to fence or take the issue to the magistrates for a resolution.


Boundary walls – where the sky is the limit

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