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Estate Tek is designed to resemble a block wall, but it has a more streamlined appearance than RenderSmart fence because it doesn’t contain as many decorative components.

Panels are designed with a recess at one end to cover the steel post once installed. The vertical panel joint can be hidden with a cover strip such as timber, MgO etc.

Estate Tek panels are available as an economical, uncoated render-ready finish.


Although our country is wonderful, its climatic and landscape conditions create a constant threat of fire too many buildings.

FlameTek fences can provide a barrier between any fire hazards and your dwelling for added safety and security.

FlameTek fencing, which is made of steel rods and a special fire-resistant material, offers acoustic benefits and many finish options.


FlameWave™ Acoustic/Fire Rated Fence is a cost-effective, prefinished fence that provides a durable and safe fencing solution.

To mitigate the high risk of bushfires, many Australian towns and land developments are built in or around bushland areas. Fireproof fences help ensure the safety of dwellings and their inhabitants.

Our FlameWave™ fencing is manufactured to withstand bushfire conditions. It is not only non-combustible, it has excellent acoustic properties, and it is supplied pre-finished in a modern wave profile in the hugely popular Woodland Grey colour.

Although it is at an entry-level price point for a fence, this product does not lack in strength or durability.


The RenderSmart Fence is a modular wall system that makes installation easier than with a block and render fence.

RenderSmart offers a unique alternative to our competitors. We can supply our fences fully pre-rendered in a durable, waterproof textured coating.

This can save you money by not requiring the need for onsite bricklayers and renderers, who can be difficult to source and very expensive, particularly during the current housing boom. An uncoated finish option is also available.

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