Fire Rated Fencing Brisbane

We Keep Your Property Stays Safe from Fires.

Get Maximum Protection with Poly-Tek Fire Rated Fences.

Australia is no stranger to bushfires. 

And if you’re living in the east, your property is prone to wildfires, especially during drought season. 

Situations like these call for preparation. And Poly-Tek is your reliable fire-rated fencing Brisbane provider to keep fires from ravaging your home or buildings. 

Locally Made. Build to Last.

Poly-Tek has been in the service of providing exceptional residential and commercial fences for over 15 years. Our fire-rated fences have been used against Australia’s wildfires on residential homes, housing developments, government agencies and industrial establishments. 

Our fire rate fencing Brisbane consultants are familiar with the local terrains and continuously innovate to provide you with the best solution. Our fencing systems keep in mind both function and aesthetics, at very competitive prices. 

We make it our mission to provide only premium, quality fences that our clients get to enjoy for several years to come.

Premium Fire Proof Fencing for Residential and Commercial Buildings in Brisbane

Fire-rated fencing is a must for the protection of your property. Our fire-rated fencing systems can be used in commercial, industrial, or residential properties located near bushfire prone areas. 


FlameTek’s fire-rated fences provide a safe and stylish solution for your home. The product has acoustic features also to prevent noise from coming inside your property.

Rainstorms and water vapours from nearby plants naturally occurring during rain can attack the fence’s structure as it expands, leading to warping over time. To keep the dimensions stable, FlameTek possesses moisture-resistant features.

You can choose from our wide variety of finishes to bring out the best of your home’s beauty. For your satisfaction, FlameTek has a 10-year warranty to ensure you’re making the most of your purchase for several years. 

If you’re looking for an affordable yet durable fire rated fencing Brisbane provider for your next house project, you can count on us. 


This option is ideal for commercial spaces looking to secure their property with high-performing fences.

FlameWave’s new fence is a non-combustible, flame-resistant fencing system. This product also has great acoustic properties and comes pre-finished Woodland Grey colour fitting for most industrial plants and commercial establishments. 

We have Poly-Tek accredited fire rated fencing Brisbane installers who can help you with your next project. 

Partner with Experts 

Poly-Tek Australia is an industry leader in fire-rated building products with over 15 years of experience. We have supplied pre-rendered buildings and acoustic fencing to customers all across Australia. 

Proudly Serving Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital and a heavily populated city in Australia. Located on Meanjin land, Brisbane’s metropolitan area has a population of around 2 million people, making it one of the metropolises within southeast Queensland.

This city lies at the cultural and business centre with many great attractions to explore. Widely known by locals as ‘the CBD’, Brisbane extends in all directions along a floodplain that was once home to many rivers.

Brisbane is a veritable “global city,” and it has been for years. The Queensland capital of Australia offers everything from green energy to mining research.

Brisbane is a bustling hub for transportation with its own large suburban rail network and popular bus networks, as well as Australia’s third-largest seaport. Brisbane also houses one of the busiest airports.


Our fire rated fencing products include:

Fire Rated Flametek - Fencing Supplies
  • Aesthetically appealing with a number of finish options available
  • High impact-resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Dimensionally stable and does not warp
  • Moisture mould and termite resistant
Fire Rated FlameWave - Fencing Supplies
  • Prefinished in Woodland Grey
  • Modern ‘wave’ profile
  • Acoustic at 15 kgs m2
  • Non-Combustible
  • Durable but won’t break the bank
What Our Clients Say

Troy “MyNickname”
Troy “MyNickname”
I usually cringe when I comes to purchasing construction products and dealing with tradesman. But the team and products from Poly-Tek have blown my expectations out of the water. Great customer service and fantastic products, highly recommended :)
Bu rt
Bu rt
Great products and customer service from Neil and the team here, have used couple times already and will continue to do so.
Jay Lesquillier
Jay Lesquillier
Had a rendered fence supplied and installed a few years ago. Very happy with it. Today I needed a couple of replaced parts and Natasha was very helpful to solve for me. Appreciate the great after sales service.
Mark S
Mark S
Great product!
Amanda Jansen
Amanda Jansen
Poly-Tek's excellent customer service and extensive product knowledge helped me from start (first phone call) to finish. It was a very pleasant & rewarding experience for me. I have already started referring Poly-Tek to others people who have not dealt with this great business yet. I highly recommend this company and their innovative building products!!

Cost-effective Australian
Building Products

Our pre-rendered building products and modular acoustic fencing for residential and commercial areas can help you save on costs and complete projects faster.

Fire Rated Fencing Brisbane FAQ’s

Learn more about Commercial Fire Rated Fencing Brisbane and find out what other people are asking about Poly-Tek Fire Rated Fencing.

What is commercial fire rated fencing?
Commercial fire rated fencing is a type of fencing material that has been tested and certified to meet specific fire safety standards. This type of fencing is often used in commercial and industrial settings where there is a higher risk of fire.
What are the benefits of using Poly-Tek fire rated fencing?

Poly-Tek fire rated fencing offers a number of benefits, including:

Durability: Poly-Tek fencing is made from a durable and long-lasting material that is resistant to weather, corrosion, and other types of damage.

Safety: This fencing material is certified to meet specific fire safety standards, which can provide added protection in the event of a fire.

Aesthetic appeal: Poly-Tek fencing is available in a variety of colors and styles, making it an attractive option for commercial and industrial settings.

How does Poly-Tek fire rated fencing work?

Poly-Tek fire rated fencing works by slowing the spread of fire and limiting the amount of heat that is released. This helps to contain the fire and reduce the risk of damage to surrounding structures.

What types of fire ratings does Poly-Tek fencing meet?

Poly-Tek fire rated fencing meets a variety of fire safety standards, including ASTM E84, UL 723, and NFPA 255.

Can Poly-Tek fire rated fencing be used for residential applications?
Yes, Poly-Tek fire rated fencing can be used for residential applications, as well as commercial and industrial settings.
How is Poly-Tek fire rated fencing installed?
Poly-Tek fire rated fencing is typically installed using metal posts and brackets, which are anchored into the ground. The fencing panels are then attached to the posts, creating a secure and durable barrier.
How much does Poly-Tek fire rated fencing cost?
The cost of Poly-Tek fire rated fencing will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the area being fenced, the type of fencing material being used, and the installation costs.