How an acoustic fence can help you get peace and quiet in your Brisbane home

When it comes to fencing you might think privacy, but when it comes to noise barrier fencing or acoustic fencing you are also blocking out sound. This is How an acoustic fence can help you get peace and quiet in your Brisbane home.

As each suburb, town and city grows, so does the infrastructure to support it; this means more pathways, more roads, more homes and more public transport. Unfortunately for some as the townships grow so does the noise created. In order to reduce the noise that is heard from the road ways, Poly-Tek Australia has noise barrier technology that can assist with a more peaceful co-existence with our noisy roadways.

Being close to a road can be annoying and loud, but with an acoustic fence life can be a little less hectic.

A Poly-Tek Australia noise barrier fence is a lightweight alternative to concrete. With a warranty of 50 years (for MegaBarrier product only) you can dramatically reduce the noise for many years to come.

Love thy neighbour or not, you need your privacy

Noise barriers aren’t just used for blocking out the noise from traffic, maybe your neighbour likes loud rock music on a Sunday and you like some classical music, or the other way around, either way you can get some privacy, security and alleviate noise all in one go.

As the cities get busier, houses are built closer together and a noise barrier can help give you some much needed privacy from your neighbours that are in close proximity.

Noise barriers that mean business

Is your Brisbane home close to a freeway or busy highway? A Poly-Tek Australia Mega Barrier is used for heavy duty applications to alleviate the noise pollution caused by traffic.

Nosie barriers for your Brisbane home

Our noise barriers can visually enhance your Brisbane home as well as providing all the noise reducing benefits, providing privacy and the added security benefits. Call our qualified engineers on 07 3323 3666 and enjoy the benefits of a noise barrier in your Brisbane home today.

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