The danger of old walls and fencing

Whether you are a business or an individual if you have a responsibility to ensure anyone on or near your property is safe.

When it comes to old walling and fencing, you need to be mindful of how it will affect people both on or near your property.


Residential fencing and commercial fencing must be safe

If your old fencing is around your pool you could be in breach of pool safety laws. Not only can this cost you a hefty fine, it can also cost lives. Since the introduction of compliant pool fencing the number of drownings has decreased, and from 30th November 2015 all pool fences and barriers must be compliant with current legislation.

The higher the damaged retaining wall, the harder they fall. The main issues associated with a damaged retaining wall is when excessive water builds up and puts pressure on it. A retaining wall’s integrity can be compromised and when it falls it can lead to some costly repairs.

When walling and fencing is old, there is the worry that it can fall and hurt someone. If your property causes damage to someone you could be liable for compensation and any damages, not to mention the legal, ethical and moral repercussions if you fatally hurt someone.

Children and animals that can escape if there is a damaged wall or fence, so maintaining your boundary walls or fencing is important for the safety of your children and animals.


It’s just not worth the risk

It’s just not worth the risk of having old and unsafe walls and fencing when Poly-Tek Australia in Brisbane has so many cost-effective solutions to all your boundary wall, retaining wall and feature wall needs. Call 07 3323 3666 and don’t risk safety.

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